Honoring Eric Murphy for his Service as Worshipful Master


Please join me in extending a heartfelt thanks to Eric Murphy for his two years of service as Worshipful Master of Union Lodge #45. Eric rose to the occasion and accepted the mantle of W.:M.: straight from Junior Warden and gave his all to the position, regularly stretching his cabletow beyond what many of us would have been capable of.

Brothers and their ladies recently honored Worshipful Brother Murphy for his term of service along with his family, and presented him with his Past Master’s apron. Please enjoy the following pictures of the dinner and presentation!

2018 AASR Symbolic Lodge Awards

Be sure to congratulate Brother Dave VanBlarcom, who was recognized for his tireless service to our lodge as recipient of the 2018 Symbolic Lodge Award!  Dave works assiduously as a Steward to keep our membership well fed, and a well fed lodge is a harmonious lodge.  He is always quick to volunteer for any lodge activity and is frequently the first to arrive and last to leave; this recognition is long overdue.  Congratulations, Dave!

2017 AASR Symbolic Lodge Awards

Brothers –

Please join me in congratulating the recipients of the 2017 Valley of Rochester Symbolic Lodge Awards, awarded on January 7th of this year!  Letchworth District honored the following brothers:

Olive Branch #39:     Clayton D. Dimick

Mt. Vernon #263:      Craig C. Foster

Oakland #379:           Richard R. Robinson

Constellation #404:  Craig Woodworth

West Star #413:         Glenn Cramer

Nunda Station #682: Randall R. Morris

Eunice #830:               Andrew R. Vickers

Congratulations to all our fellow Letchworth Brothers, and to all who received recognition for their toil in the quarries.

Congratulations to R.:W.: Mike Grady!



Please assist me in congratulating Mike Grady on his well deserved reception of the Livingston Masonic District Meritorious Service Award! He received the award at our communion breakfast on May 15th, and as we are merging into the Letchworth district, he is formally the final ‘Livingston District’ recipient. Congratulations Mike!

Union Lodge takes top honors at the Livingston district chili cook-off!

Congratulations to Brother Dave VanBlarcom for taking first place in our district-wide chili cook-off! For the 2nd year, the Union Lodge entry has taken top honors –


Congratulations to Nunda Station Lodge represented by Randall Morris for taking 2nd place and Livonia Lodge representative Joe Shanks for taking 3rd.

District Deputy Grand Master’s Official Visit

Livingston District District Deputy Grand Master Doug Stanley visited Union Lodge on October 22nd and gave a well-received message from Most Worshipful William Thomas.
Official Visit
Our District Deputy Grand Master was also able to extend a hand in congratulating Worshipful Jim Kirkwood on his 40-years of service as a mason.
Jim Kirkwood 40-years
He also assisted Worship Master Corey VanBlarcom in welcoming a visiting brother from Kalispell Lodge #42, Worshipful Master Rich Pettersen.
Rich Pettersen Visit
Rich took a moment to enlighten the brothers about the Big Springs Historical Society & Museum.

Awards Night!

To recognize important milestones and distinctions in 2015, We held a special awards night on October 8th. It was very well attended, both by our membership and by many guests!


We were able to recognize the following brothers’ distinctions:

Br. Pete Yendell Distinguished Service Award pin
Pete Yendell DSA Pin
W.∙. Joseph Gallant Past Master’s Apron, certificate & pin
Joe Gallant Past Masters Apron

We were happy to recognize the following brothers and their milestones:

Br. Steven Zukaitis 5 Year certificate & pin
Steve Zukaitis 5-year
Br. Craig Bailey 5 Year certificate & pin
Craig Bailey 5-year
Br. Duane Sisson 10 Year certificate & pin
Duane Sisson 10-year
Br. Ray Dreimiller 10 Year certificate & pin
Ray Dreimiller 10-year
W.∙. Jamie Treuthart 20 Year certificate & pin
Jamie Treuthart 20-year
Br. Glen Vanbuskirk 25 Year certificate & pin
Glen Vanbuskirk 25-year
Br. Paul Turk 35 Year certificate & pin
Paul Turk 35-year
Br. Jerry Kleehammer 35 Year certificate & pin
Jerry Kleehammer 35-year
W.∙. Jerry Treuthart 40 Year certificate & pin
Jerry Treuthart 40-year
W.∙. Lee Shanks 40 Year certificate & pin
Lee Shanks 40-year
Br. Ron Charron 45 Year certificate & pin
Ron Charron 45-year
W.∙. Mike Rapson 45 Year certificate & pin
Mike Rapson 45-year
W.∙. Guy Ball 50 Year certificate
Guy Ball 50-year
R.∙. W.∙. Tom Bennett 60 Year certificate, pin and GL 60 Yr Apron
Tom Bennett 6-year1
Tom Bennett 60-year2

Tom Bennett 60-year3

Tom Bennet 60-year apron

And to close out our awards night, Worshipful Master Corey VanBlarcom had the pleasure of bestowing upon R.∙. W.∙. Jim Slocum the honorary title of Secretary Emeritus for his 18 years of service as Union Lodge’s Secretary.
Jim Slocum Secretary Emeritus

It was a great experience and we were happy to be able to share it with so many brothers and guests!
Awards Night Group Pic